I can tell endless stories about how I've hidden from the LENS-side of a camera - always a little too this or that, or I just want my son to be the focus. Even in my 14th year as a professional photographer, I'm only just learning the true VALUE of the service I provide.

I think back to the time my in-laws hired a family friend to photograph my (then) 2 month old on Christmas morning... I stayed in my flannel pjs - a silent protest to focus only on the baby (which he did). I can't tell you how much I regret not being photographed that morning.

Five years later, I agreed to a family session, but thought I didn't look my best... Thank goodness I got out of my own way, because it's the one professional family portrait I have displayed - enlarged and custom framed. There's not a day I don't look at it, and feel grateful. Turns out I looked pretty good ;) which is a gift of growing older and finding perspective.  

... and I'm afraid Facebook coverage doesn't count, as long term evidence that we exist. Those images will not become heirlooms for our families. Our iPhone albums will be transferred from device to device, but never printed. "Good for now" will ultimately be why years of images get lost and forgotten. We ALL deserve better.
What will always hold its value, and be treasured, as it has for generations, is the Professional Portrait. IN PRINT. 

Let me do for you, what I've learned to value for myself. Let's include those closest to you. Let's be creative, and play dress up, and fan your hair like a super model. Let's celebrate where you are in your life - right now. Let's print these, and display them. Let's stop skipping it, and hiding, and regretting it later. You are perfect RIGHT NOW. I would be honored to photograph you as your family and friends see you - beautiful and loved. Let's all do better to truly Exist in Photos. 

Love, Pam xo