Dates are reserved with a Consultation (phone or in-person), and payment of your non-refundable Session fee.

Is this right for me? I'm not that photogenic.

My best answer is on My Why page. If we're similar, it will resonate with you, and hopefully answer that - YES - this is right for you. Many (if not most) Clients are anxious that they'll be expected to perform, and are surprised at how busy they are just following my direction. Within minutes they find the rhythm of the session, and open up like they didn't think they could. At their Reveal, the sentiment is often that they've never been comfortable looking at their own portrait, but finally see their beauty in the ones we created together. 

Pro Hair + Makeup covers 2 people, but it's just me. 

Hair and Makeup services are complimentary, with the Signature Session. Use it for one person, or two, or just the makeup portion - which I highly recommend when having professional photos taken. If you know someone who would love to be photographed, bring them along and we'll alternate photography time between the two of you. If it's family, we can plan to take some of your portraits together. 

What's the difference between Headshots & Personal Branding? 

I think of Headshots as a single image you need to provide your employer, or put on a business card. Personal Branding (using the Signature Session) is when you market over several different platforms, and want to use different looks for each. How about something formal for LinkedIn, one more casual for your Facebook cover, and maybe an outdoor portrait for Spring marketing - whatever works best for you, and your marketing plan. A notable difference is also in how many Images I present, and how I present them. Please see below. 

How many Images will be presented at my Reveal?

The number of Images I present (and how I present them) depends on your need, and how many outfits you bring. If you bring 1-2 outfits, for a quick headshot turnaround, I'll present your best 5-10 (typically within 24 hours) as a digital Reveal on my computer. If you come in for a Signature Session, and bring 3-5 outfits, I'll present up to 20 at a printed Reveal - held 2 weeks after your session.

What do clients typically spend? 

There are no purchasing requirements or minimums to enjoy this experience. If a client chooses to buy 1 Image at their Reveal (after paying for their session separately), they spend $175 plus tax. If they buy all 20 Images, which includes a keepsake box and bonuses, they can spend $2,400 plus tax. There is a lot of room in between, and only the Client decides what works for them. This is a personalized experience, so it is different for everyone. 

can i bring my kids? 

Children are always welcome, if they're being included in the photographs. If they're under 12, they will need a 2nd adult (or very mature sitter) to be with them, when they're not being photographed. Ideally, they would be brought later in the session, after you've had time to be photographed alone. 


If something comes up, I ask for at least 24 hour notice (if possible, of course) so I can cancel any hair/makeup services I've scheduled for you. Session fees are non-refundable, but I will hold it on file until you can reschedule. If you just wake up that morning feeling a little 'meh', please know there's good music and snacks waiting for you. :) Found a blemish? Photoshop is a miracle! Butterflies? I promise they go away in the makeup chair. We would love to see you! xo


All of my Reveals are in-person, or via Skype (if you live out of town), and will not be posted online. If you need help deciding, you're welcome to bring family in, or FaceTime anyone out of town. I only ask that no photos be taken during the Reveal. 

Can I just buy the digital files? 

I believe in the power of print, so I won’t make you choose. Store it, gift it, display it, but the print doesn’t affect the pricing, which is based on Image creation.